At the current International Production Technology Expo, an innovative venture from China revealed its most current research and development achievement: “Super Lube DH-3000”. This cutting edge stretching lubricant is known as a video game changer in the steel processing industry and is anticipated to trigger a worldwide modification in the production methods of steel products.

(drawing lubricant)

According to Dr. Li, the Principal Innovation Police officer of the company, the DH-3000 stretching lubricating substance has gone through five years of dedicated research and development, embracing a perfect blend of development nanotechnology and biodegradable products. It not only dramatically boosts the lubrication performance during steel extending and lowers friction losses yet additionally substantially enhances the surface area smoothness and return of the product. This technology properly solves the enduring issues of high power consumption, high scrap price, and severe ecological pollution that have actually afflicted metal processing ventures.

“We have actually validated through considerable experiments that DH-3000 can boost lubrication effectiveness by greater than 30% and lower energy intake by 20% compared to conventional lubricating substances in deep illustration and cool drawing procedures of numerous metal products such as copper pipes, light weight aluminum wires, and steel sheets. This is a milestone in promoting the green makeover of the international manufacturing market.” Dr. Li happily mentioned at journalism meeting.

On top of that, the biodegradability of this lubricating substance satisfies the immediate worldwide need for sustainable development, guaranteeing the environmental friendliness of the manufacturing procedure. The company assures that all ingredients follow strict international environmental criteria, aiding consumers achieve carbon neutrality objectives.

Industry experts mention, “This technology by the firm indicates that the need for reliable and environmentally friendly lubrication services in the steel handling market will certainly further enhance in the future, and is expected to open up a brand-new market blue ocean. It has immeasurable worth in boosting the competitiveness of China and also the worldwide manufacturing industry.”

At the exhibit, a number of worldwide prominent auto suppliers and home device makers revealed solid passion in cooperation. They began arrangements with the firm, intending to use this modern technology to their production lines as soon as possible in order to seize the chance in the increasingly open market.

The launch of the “Super Lubricant DH-3000” not only injects new vigor into the metal handling industry but also sets a new benchmark for the top notch growth of the international manufacturing sector, marking another development in China’s high-end production products field.


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