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ASTM International is a global organization dedicated to developing and promoting standards for various materials, products, equipment, services and systems. The organization ensures the quality and safety of a variety of materials and products by developing and enforcing a series of rigorous standards. In the field of metal 3D printing, ASTM International also plays an important role.

(Metal powder 3d printer)

Along with the rapid development of metal 3D printing technology, more industries are beginning to adopt this advanced manufacturing technology. However, with the widespread application of metal 3D printers, higher requirements have been placed on operators’ skills and knowledge. To guarantee the quality and safety of metal 3D printing, ASTM International has added more metal 3D printers and metal powder 3D printer applications to the powder bed fusion operator certification program.

(Metal powder 3d printer)

These certification programs typically include theoretical and practical training to ensure operators thoroughly understand the principles, operation and maintenance of metal 3D printing. Through this training, operators can acquire the correct skills and knowledge to operate metal 3D printers and metal powder 3D printers safely and accurately.

(Metal powder 3d printer)

As metal 3D printing technology develops, its application fields will continue to expand. In aerospace, automobile manufacturing, energy, medical care, construction, industrial design, and food industries, metal 3D printing technology will play an increasingly important role. Therefore, the demand for metal 3D printers is also increasing. ASTM International’s certification program ensures operators have the necessary skills and knowledge to achieve safe, efficient, high-quality metal 3D printing. This will help promote the further development of metal 3D printing technology and its application in more fields.


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