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The application of gallium nitride is not only in the field of charging

wallpapers News 2020-04-03
At the press conference on February 13 this year, Xiaomi released the latest 65W gallium nitride charger, which has become the focus of the mobile phone industry. Many companies are focusing on new GaN chargers and plan to invest in this project.

In the field of mobile phones, the reason why GaN is becoming more and more famous is not only because of fast charging, but also the arrival of the 5G era. 5G will bring revolutionary changes in semiconductor materials. As the communication frequency band migrates to high frequencies, the requirements for the high-frequency performance of radiofrequency devices by base stations and communication equipment are continually increasing. Not only that, the multi-carrier aggregation required for 5G and the power amplifier of the base station, but GaN can also occupy a place and take 5G's upstream and downstream industry chain.
In this context, the advantages of GaN will gradually become prominent, making GaN a key technology for 5G. With the large-scale rollout of 5G mobile phones this year and the deployment of 5G base stations in various countries, compared with existing silicon and gallium arsenide solutions, GaN can provide better power and energy consumption ratios, and is more suitable for 5G. The needs of the times.
 In Massive MIMO, a key technology of 5G, a large number of array antennas (such as 32/64, etc.) are used on the base transceiver station to achieve higher wireless data traffic and connection reliability. This architecture requires corresponding RF transceiver unit arrays. Therefore, the number of RF devices will significantly increase, and the size of the invention is critical. The use of GaN's small size, high efficiency, and high power density can achieve highly centralized solutions, such as modular RF front-end devices.
In addition to the increase in the number of RF devices required in the display of base station RF transceiver units, the density of base stations and the number of base stations will also increase. Therefore, compared to the 3G and 4G era, the radio frequency devices in the 5G period will be tens of times, or The number of hundreds of times has increased, so cost control is critical, and silicon-based gallium nitride has a massive advantage in cost. With the maturity of silicon-based gallium nitride technology, it can achieve market breakthroughs with the most significant cost-effectiveness advantage.
At the same time, for 5G millimeter-wave applications, the high power density characteristics of GaN can effectively reduce the number of transmitting and receive channels and the size of the overall solution under the same coverage conditions and user tracking function to achieve the optimal combination of performance costs.

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