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New crown virus poses crisis in Nigeria ?

wallpapers News 2020-03-12

  Recently, the virus of the new museum began to spread globally and has become more and more serious.
       The epidemic of the new museum pneumonia has appeared in Nigeria, which is a very serious disaster for this country. Nigeria is the largest population country in Africa and the largest economy in Africa. If uncontrolled, the virus would spread at a multiplier rate, eventually causing Nigeria to fall and affecting many neighboring countries.

       The outbreak will reduce Nigeria's tourism industry's passenger flow by more than 70% and flights by more than 50%. The catering industry has basically closed the market, and the already underdeveloped industries have stalled at one time. The biggest impact on it is the construction industry. Nigeria, as an African country, has an incomplete infrastructure, and vigorously developing infrastructure construction is very important for economic development. In this way, the construction industry will slow down the development progress, which will lead to the closure of concrete manufacturers.
       The epidemic will reduce Nigeria's economy by more than 30%, which will be a severe test for Nigeria.

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