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Four methods to teach you to remove bearings

wallpapers News 2022-01-17
Bearing disassembly is regular maintenance, bearing replacement. After disassembly, if you continue to use, or need to check the state of the bearing, its disassembly should be carried out as carefully as to installation. Attention should be paid to not damage the bearing parts, especially the disassembly of interference fit bearings, which are difficult to operate. The following is a detailed introduction:
One, percussion method
In bearing inner ring, knock-knock force general add force should not be added in rolling element bearings and keep on the shelf, this method is simple, but easy to damage the bearing when bearing, at the end of the shaft, use less than the copper rod of bearing inside diameter or other soft metal materials resist shaft end, lower bearing block, hammer knock gently, can be removed. The application of this method should pay attention to the placement of the pad block should be appropriate, the point of focus should be correct.
Two, pull out method
Special pulling gear is adopted. When disassembling, the bearing will be pulled out slowly as long as the handle is rotated. When removing the outer ring of the bearing, the elbow Angle of the two feet of the puller should be opened outwards; When disassembling the bearing inner ring, the two feet of the puller should be inward and stuck on the end face of the bearing inner ring.
Matters needing attention:
1. The pull hook of the puller should be hooked to the inner ring of the bearing, rather than the hook on the outer ring, so as to avoid excessive loosening or damage of the bearing;
2. When using a puller, align the screw with the central hole of the shaft and do not skew. Attention should also be paid to the stress of the hook and bearing, do not damage the hook and bearing;
3, pay attention to prevent the hook slip;
4. The Angle of the feet is less than 90°.
Three, the push and pressure method
Press the bearing, the work is stable and reliable, with no damage to the machine and bearing. Presses have manual push, mechanical or hydraulic press push.
Note: the point of force of the press should be in the center of the shaft.
Four, the hot demolition method
Used to remove tightly fitted bearings. First, the oil heated to about 100℃ is poured on the bearing to be removed with an oil can. After the bearing ring is heated and expanded, the bearing can be pulled out with a pull tractor.
Matters needing attention:
1, first of all, the pull should be installed on the bearing to be removed, and apply a certain tension;
2. Before heating, the shaft should be wrapped with asbestos rope or a thin iron plate to prevent the shaft from being heated to swell, otherwise it will be difficult to disassemble. When the bearing is removed from the bearing box shell hole, it can only heat the bearing box shell hole, but not the bearing;
3. When pouring oil, the oil can be poured smoothly on the bearing ring or rolling body, and an oil basin is placed below it to collect the hot oil flowing down to avoid waste and scalding;
4, the operator should wear asbestos gloves to prevent burns.
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