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Advanced science: catalytic internal radiation strategy for efficient tumor treatment

wallpapers News 2020-11-02
As an important part of clinical radiotherapy

has been widely used in the clinical treatment of malignant tumors. According to the clinical viewpoint it is difficult to avoid the important organs or tissues around the tumor by conventional external radiotherapy for the tumors with deep location adjacent important tissues such as pancreatic cancer prostate cancer while the implantable internal radiotherapy technology can deposit most of the dose in the tumor area has little effect on the normal tissues around the tumor thus showing its unique advantages. Iodine 125 (125I) a commonly used radionuclide in clinic emits low-energy keV gamma rays internal conversion Auger electrons with weak penetrability the dose is mainly deposited in the tumor area while the damage to normal tissues is relatively small. Unfortunately the radiation dose rate of 125I is low which leads to the extremely low yield of water molecules in the tumor radiotherapy area to be decomposed into hydroxyl radical (· oh) by radiation which is very serious The effect of internal radiotherapy was limited.

to solve the above bottleneck problems Zuo Changjing Changhai Hospital Affiliated to Naval Medical University bu Wenbo Shanghai Institute of silicate Chinese Academy of Sciences jointly proposed a new strategy of "catalytic internal radiotherapy" using titanium dioxide nano catalytic material loaded with 125I (125i-tio2) to explore its enhanced effect on 125I internal radiotherapy. The low-energy Auger electrons generated by 125I can be captured by Ti4 on the surface of TiO2 to produce Ti3 active center; Ti3 can activate the adsorbed water by reducing the hydrogen oxygen bond energy of adsorbed water on the surface of TiO2; the activated water molecules are decomposed into · Oh under the irradiation of 125I emitted gamma rays the yield of · Oh is significantly improved; finally · Oh can effectively induce apoptosis mitotic death of cancer cells To achieve the purpose of enhancing the efficacy of internal radiotherapy. This research strategy uses the Auger electrons emitted by 125I to construct active sites on the surface of nano catalytic materials which significantly enhances the radiation decomposition efficiency of 125I gamma rays on water molecules. It not only exps the application scope of radionuclides in tumor treatment but also provides reference ideas for the related research in the field of nano medicine. Relevant research results have been published in advanced science

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