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Advanced functional materials: excellent performance of nb4c3tx in capacitors

wallpapers News 2020-08-28

in nano materials two-dimensional transition metal carbide mxene has attracted the attention of many researchers due to its high metal like conductivity good hydrophilicity large specific surface area. Among the more than 30 known mxenes 413 phase materials with multi-layer atoms are rarely studied due to their heavy molecular weight difficulty in stripping. But in many transition metals Nb is a good superconductor with paramagnetism high purity high ductility no interaction with inorganic acid or alkali insoluble in aqua regia very stable at room temperature non-toxic high safety factor low price multi-layer bulk material nb4c3tx shows excellent electrochemical performance in lithium battery so we focus on it Nb4c3tx is a 413 phase mxene material with multilayer atoms.

recently the research team of Associate Professor Gao Yu of Jilin University the Yury research group of Drexel University in the United States associate professor Yohan dall'agnesee of University of London in the United Kingdom have for the first time explored the electrochemical performance of flexible mxene material nb4c3tx in capacitors. Nb4c3tx flexible film with 1.77 nm interlayer spacing was prepared by wet chemical etching delamination treatment. The flexible film can still maintain 1.66 nm layer spacing at 500 ℃ without phase transition. Its aqueous solution can be preserved for at least 30 days under the condition of low temperature air removal without phase transition. A high volume capacitance of 1075 f / cm3 (5 mV / s) was obtained in a three electrode with 1 m H2SO4 as electrolyte. The effect of H Mg2 on the structure of the electrode material was investigated by in-situ XRD. This paper is published in the international top journals advanced functional materials

. The author successfully prepared the high flexible film material with 1.77nm interlayer spacing by using tmaoh organic molecule as intercalation solvent Raman other techniques were used to investigate the effects of temperature surrounding environment on the surface functional groups structure of the materials in the state of film-forming aqueous solution. The results show that nb4c3tx aqueous solution can be preserved for at least 30 days in argon atmosphere because the intercalation layer spacing of water molecules increases to 3.87 nm. Secondly when tmaoh organic molecules were used as intercalation solvent a small amount of organic molecules remained in the interlayer significantly reduced the conductivity of the membrane. The surface functional groups tmaoh molecules of mxene can be effectively removed by heating the electronic conductivity increases from the initial 5.93 × 103 s / m to 1.01 × 105 s / m. however the interlayer spacing of the material is significantly reduced even the structure is destroyed resulting in the fragmentation of the membrane which is not conducive to the electrochemical performance. The capacitance of the electrode is 1 m / cm 3 5 cm 3 / H 2 5 cm 3 / cm 3 respectively. This phenomenon is different from that of the original electrode which is caused by the increase of the space between ti17.7h ti17.7h.

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