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What is the main purpose of the virus sampling tube?


Disposable virus sampling tube

From the appearance, the disposable virus sampling tube is suitable for different groups of people. And the packaging is easy to open and easy to use, the swab stick is designed to be easily broken for easy sample transportation, and it is important to use disposable sterile packaging, radiation sterilization and single-piece packaging.


The virus sampling tube is a complete set of centrifuge tubes used for the sampling and transportation of influenza virus, hand-foot virus, measles, rubella and other viruses in the microbial sampling and transportation tube. Virus sampling tubes include swabs and sampling tubes containing preservation solutions.

 What is the main purpose of the virus sampling tube?

What is the main purpose of the virus sampling tube?


1. The disease control department and clinical department use disposable virus sampling tubes to monitor and sample infectious pathogenic microorganisms. It can be used for nucleic acid extraction and later virus isolation of influenza virus, hand-foot-mouth virus, rubella, and measles virus samples in clinical patients; it can also be used for sampling of mycoplasma, chlamydia, ureaplasma, etc.


2. Disposable virus sampling tubes are used to transport nasopharyngeal swabs or samples from specific sites at the sampling point to the testing laboratory for polymerase chain reaction extraction and testing; it is also used to save nasopharyngeal swab samples or arrange specific sites for samples Carry out the necessary cell culture, etc.


3. The virus sampling tube can be used for collection and short-term transportation of avian influenza virus in vitro.


4. The virus sampling tube can be used for daily testing and sampling of poultry, pigs and other animals.


5. The virus sampling tube can be used for the short-term preservation of virus samples. (store at 2-8°C for 48 hours) until required for cell culture.


6. The virus sampling tube can be used for long-term storage of virus samples (-70℃~-196℃ can be stored for 1 year) for necessary cell culture.


7. The virus sampling tube can be used for the detection and collection of clinical respiratory virus rapid detection kits.


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The 20-in-1 mixed collection and detection technology is a method of collecting 20 swabs collected by 20 people in one collection tube for nucleic acid detection, which can greatly improve the detection efficiency and is more suitable for large-scale population nucleic acid screening.


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