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What Effect does Concrete Superplasticizer Have?

Now China has become a powerful country in science and technology, but do you know how powerful China's technology is? The manned space station alone is not enough, and now it has successfully broken through the key technology of nuclear fusion, even leading the world by 15 years. Does this mean that China is not far from the artificial sun? It turned out that the fully superconducting tokamak nuclear fusion experimental device developed by China at the Hefei Research Institute of the Chinese Academy of Sciences successfully achieved a record of 101 seconds of continuous operation at 120 million degrees Celsius, and broke the world record. Compared with the previous record in South Korea, China has time has been directly extended by 5 times, and it seems that we are one step closer to the practical stage of artificial sun.
The success of nuclear fusion technology will lead to the development of concrete superplasticizer.

Concrete superplasticizer is a kind of concrete admixture, in the case of maintaining the fluidity of concrete unchanged after adding, the concrete water demand is reduced, and then enhance the strength and durability of concrete, or in the cement usage and water cement ratio has not changed, improve the fluidity of concrete, improve the construction of concrete.


1. Lubrication effect. The polar hydrophilic groups in the water reducing agent are adsorbed on the surface of cement particles and easily associate with water molecules in the form of hydrogen bond. The force of hydrogen bonding far exceeds the molecular attraction between water molecules and cement particles. When sufficient water reducing agent, cement particle adsorption with R - SO3 theta and the effect of water molecules in the hydrogen bond association, and the hydrogen bonding between water molecules associating, line surface of cement particles into a stable layer of solvation water membrane, the membrane with the three-dimensional protection, stop the direct contact between the cement particles, and lubricating effect between particles. 


2. Wetting effect. After cement is mixed with water, the surface layer of cement particles is wetted by water, and its wetting condition has a great influence on the characteristics of freshly mixed concrete. When such diffusion wetting occurs naturally, the amount of reduced surface free energy can be calculated by the equation pointed out by Glbbs. 


3. Reducing water effect. The water cement ratio can be reduced obviously under the condition of maintaining the fluidity after adding concrete superplasticizer. Concrete superplasticizer can reduce water rate of 10% ~ 25%, and ordinary water reducing agent of 5% ~ 15%, high efficiency water reducing agent is also famous for this. The main reason for the water reducing effect is the absorption and dispersion of water reducing agent of commercial concrete. 


4. Plasticizing effect. After adding water reducing agent into the concrete, the fluidity can be added under the condition of maintaining the water cement ratio unchanged. Normally water reducing agent in maintaining cement usage did not change the situation, so that the new mix of commodity concrete slump increases 10 centimeters above, efficient water reducing agent can configure a slump to reach 25 centimeters of commodity concrete.


Concrete Superplasticizer Supplier

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Prior to the impact of COVID-19 on the chemicals and materials industry and the price of the concrete superplasticizer, many industry observers expected low to flat growth in 2021 in all regions outside Asia, with many countries seeing slower growth compared to recent years. Operational excellence has long been a hallmark of the concrete superplasticizer chemical industry, and many companies are financially able to withstand short-term dips in end-market demand due to rapid leverage from reduced capex on hand.

The analysis shows that, whatever the final course of the pandemic, we can expect the inevitable long-term effects. Workplaces are expected to slowly return to pre-COVID-19 practices. Companies investing in enterprise-wide digital initiatives saw these "payoffs" in the early pandemic environment. For more information about concrete superplasticizer, please feel free to contact us.

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