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Some tips and methods for bearing installation (interference assembly)


The installation of bearings directly affects the accuracy, life and performance of bearings when used.

⒈ Use copper rod and manual batting installation

This is a simple way to install small and medium-sized bearings. When the inner ring of the bearing is tightly matched and the outer ring is relatively loose, the copper rod is pressed against the end face of the inner ring of the bearing, and the copper rod is directly hit with a hammer, through which the force is transmitted, the bearing is slowly mounted on the shaft. When the inner ring of the bearing is large, the copper rod can be used to knock evenly around the end face of the inner ring of the bearing. Do not knock on one side or too hard. Strike symmetrically and gently and slowly, so as not to load the inclined crack bearing.

⒉ Use sleeve installation

This method is the same as using the copper rod to install bearings. It is to press the sleeve directly on the bearing end face (bearing mounted on the shaft press the inner ring end face; When installed in the hole of the shell, press the end face of the outer ring), with the hand hammer knock force can be evenly distributed on the end face of the whole ring of the bearing installed, and can be used with the press, the installation is labour-saving and time-saving, and the quality is reliable. The sleeve used for installation shall be of soft metal (copper or mild steel pipe is acceptable). If the bearing is installed on the shaft, the inner diameter of the sleeve should be slightly larger than the journal 1-4mm, and the outer diameter should be slightly smaller than the diameter of the rim of the bearing inner ring, or the thickness of the sleeve should be made equal to 2/3 to 4/5 of the thickness of the bearing inner ring, and both ends of the sleeve should be flat and perpendicular to the barrel body. If the bearing is installed in the hole, the sleeve diameter should be slightly smaller than the bearing diameter.

⒊ Press entry method

Mounting pressure should be directly applied to the end face of the interference fit bearing ring, otherwise, it will cause compression damage on the working surface of the bearing, resulting in rapid bearing damage.

4. Heat the installation

For bearings with large installation interference or large size bearings, in order to facilitate installation, the principle of thermal expansion and cold contraction can be used to heat the bearings in the tank and install them with copper rods, sleeves and hand hammers. Heating temperature is generally controlled below 100℃, 80-90℃ is more appropriate. When the temperature is too high, it is easy to cause annealing of the raceway and rolling body of the bearing ring, affecting hardness and wear resistance, resulting in reduced bearing life and premature scrap.

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Some tips and methods for bearing installation (interference assembly)

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