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Silicon carbide semiconductor

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What is silicon carbide?

Silicon carbide is a substance constructed from silicon and carbon. This substance is found in a mineral called moissanite. The natural form of silicon carbide is called after the French pharmacologist Dr. Ferdinand Henri Moissan. Moissanite is normally found in meteorites, kimberlite and also diamond. Because of this, many business silicon carbide is artificial. Although it is difficult to find normally taking place silicon carbide in the world, it is rather bountiful in space.

What benefits does silicon carbide have?

The characteristics of silicon carbide include secure chemical properties, high thermal conductivity, reduced thermal growth coefficient, excellent wear resistance, high hardness (Morse firmness of 9.5, 2nd just to the world'' s hardest diamond (quality 10), outstanding thermal conductivity, strong oxidation resistance at high temperature and more.

Silicon carbide semiconductor

Due to the fact that silicon carbide has incomparable superb homes, silicon carbide is a type of wide band gap semiconductor products, which is primarily identified by high thermal conductivity, high saturation, electron drift price and also high influence area stamina, so it is utilized in all sort of semiconductor products. Silicon carbide gadgets mostly consist of power diodes and power switches. Power diodes consist of JBS diodes, PiN diodes and also superjunction diodes, while power changes primarily include metal oxide semiconductor field result buttons (MOSFET), junction area result switches (JFET), bipolar buttons (BJT), shielded gateway bipolar transistors (IGBT), entrance turn-off thyristors (GTO) as well as emitter turn-off thyristors (ETO).

Silicon carbide semiconductor devices, with the attributes of high regularity, high efficiency and also high temperature, are especially appropriate for applications that call for stringent effectiveness or temperature. It can be widely used in solar inverter, lorry power supply, electric motor controller of brand-new energy lorry, UPS, charging pile, power supply and various other fields.

What is silicon carbide inverter?

Silicon carbide-based inverters are recognized for offering greater power density than conventional inverters, while requiring much less air conditioning and also lower total system expenses.

Silicon Carbide Price

The cost is influenced by many elements consisting of the supply as well as demand on the market, sector trends, financial task, market view, as well as unforeseen events.

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Silicon Carbide Supplier

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