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Introduction to Graphite Powder

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What is graphite powder used for?

It can be made use of as demoulding lubricant in the production of chemical plant food commercial driver.

Graphite powder has the features of high-temperature immune and also high lubricity, so it can be made use of as high temperature immune lube base product and also rust resistant lube base product.

It can be used as powder metallurgy release agent, metal alloy basic material and lubricant in wire manufacturing.

It is used to make carbon film resistor, conductive completely dry setting as well as preparing conductive layer.

To make fillers or performance improvers for rubber, plastics and all kinds of composite products to boost the wear resistance, pressure resistance or conductivity of materials.

All-natural graphite has actually been made use of as a noting product for normal pencils, zinc-carbon batteries, electric motor brushes and also different expert applications.

A brand-new application of nuclear-grade graphite is the ultra-high temperature level reactor (UHTR) and also the future generation nuclear power plant (NGNP).

What is graphite powder?

Graphite powder is only a type of graphite in the kind of powder, which retains all the inherent primary and secondary residential properties of graphite.

Graphite is an allotrope of carbon. It is grayish black and also nontransparent strong. It is greasy as well as can contaminate the paper.

Its firmness is 1-2, as well as the solidity increases to 3-5 with the boost of pollutants in the vertical instructions. The details gravity is 1.9-2.3. The series of specific surface area is concentrated in 1-20m2/ g. Under the condition of oxygen seclusion, its melting factor is above 3000 ℃, so it is one of the most temperature-resistant minerals. It can perform electricity as well as heat.

Chemical stability, corrosion resistance, hard to react with acid, antacid and various other agents. Graphite burns in oxygen to form co2, which can be oxidized by solid oxidants such as focused nitric acid as well as potassium permanganate.

There is no pure graphite in nature, which frequently includes contaminations such as SiO2, Al2O3, FeO, CaO, P2O5, CuO and more. These pollutants typically appear in the kind of quartz, pyrite, carbonate and various other minerals. On top of that, there are water, asphalt, CO2, H2, CH4, N2 as well as other gas parts. As a result, for the evaluation of graphite, in addition to the decision of fixed carbon material, the web content of volatile matter as well as ash must also be figured out at the very same time.

Is graphite dust toxic?

Too much exposure to graphite can cause major harm to the breathing system. Recorded health results include pulmonary fibrosis and also pneumoconiosis, an occupational lung illness. The cardiovascular system will certainly additionally be affected, as well as workers' ' lung feature might decrease.

What is a substitute for graphite powder?

Graphite powder is an excellent dry lube, but it has been shown to be destructive to aluminum when moisture may exist. Right now, graphite can be changed by molybdenum disulfide MoS2 powder.

Graphite Powder Price

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