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Explore the highlights of Bhutan in September


Explore the highlights of Bhutan in September

The fresh air and blue sky

The weather in Bhutan in September is simply perfect and we can't stress this enough as it is one of the best times to visit Bhutan. The sky is clear, there is no seasonal rain, and the air is mixed with just the right amount of pressing. It's warm during the day, so you can be comfortable with just a pair of pants or shorts and a T-shirt. However, regardless of the season, it is important to carry a jacket or wool clothing to protect against the cold when temperatures drop at night.

Festivals and celebrations in Bhutan

In September, you can witness the very famous festival, Thimbutse Chu. It is one of Bhutan's biggest festivals and thousands of people flock to the capital in their best costumes. It is a three-day festival held at Tashichho Dzong in Thimphu. The Bhutanese celebrate it to purge themselves of all evil karma. During this festival, you can see monks wearing colorful traditional costumes and masks giving wonderful performances. So when visiting Bhutan in September, make sure you don't miss the spectacle.

Return of black-necked cranes in the Fupica Valley

September in Bhutan means the return of black-necked cranes to the Fubika Valley in central Bhutan. During this month, you will witness a spectacular gathering of migratory birds. This makes September a good month to visit Bhutan. So spend time in the valley with the local village to make the most of this one-of-a-kind experience.

Explore the highlights of Bhutan in September

Hiking in Bhutan

If you are an avid hiker or trekker, September is the best month to visit Bhutan. The weather in and around Bhutan makes for a great time for hikers.

The Zuri Dzong hike in the Paro Valley is a place of peace, tranquillity, and an outstanding background. There is a belief that the Buddha meditated for years in the cave where he lived.

Trashiyangtse is another hike that offers stunning views of the Bhutanese countryside. A few other hikes you can go on are Jhomolhari Trek, Druk Path Trek and Duckling Trek, Phobjikha Trek, etc.

Overall, Bhutan trekking is different from other trekking because the culture, traditions, and state of nature remain the same.

Tiger's Nest Temple

In Bhutan, you can't miss the iconic Tiger's Nest Temple for its breathtaking views and heavenly experience. What better time than September to visit this stunning monastery perched on top of a hill. This place has great traditional values and is one of the best activities in Bhutan. The monastery is located on the side of a steep cliff about 900 meters above the valley of Paro and is very beautiful. The blue sky blue mountain in September, the White House between the green mountains and the green water, is simply incomparable.

Visit Punakazong

Punakha Dzong has many Dzong and is a must-see spot in Bhutan. It is the most beautiful in the country. On a clear September day, the monument provides a dazzling halo of striking white walls. Ornate wood carvings and intricate paintings add to the charm of this extraordinary building. In addition to its structural beauty, it also has important historical and traditional significance.

The thrill of driving to Bhutan's highest mountain pass

Bhutan is a land of mountain passes. Therefore, you can drive to the highest mountain pass, Chelera, in September, when the view is not much clearer. During this time, you can drive through dense spruce and larch forests to vantage points. From there you can see the majestic Jhumohari, Bhutan's holiest mountain.

Additional information on a trip to Bhutan in September

Travel within Bhutan

Bhutan has no rail network, so the only way to explore the country is by road or air.

By bus: Bhutan has public buses. But they may be uncomfortable with the crowd. And Bhutan's zigzagging roads add to their misery.

Take a taxi: You can find taxis in Phuntshuling, Paro, Thimphu and Yaka. Almost all taxis have meters, but most drivers barely use them. Therefore, we recommend that you negotiate the price before departure to avoid trouble.

Drive: Renting a car is the best and most comfortable way to explore Bhutan. Local drivers know the roads well, so you don't have to bother driving.

Air travel: Bhutan only offers air travel to Paro, Bumthang, and Gelephu. The Royal Bhutan Helicopter Service operates charter flights and Tours from its base in Paro.

Communications and connectivity in Bhutan

Bhutan's telecommunications system is well organized. If you want to bring your own phone, you will need to consult with your home service provider. And verify charges for incoming and outgoing calls.

Alternatively, you can purchase a local SIM card (B-Mobile/ Tashi Cell) and use it. For this, you will need an unlocked GSM phone.

Visitors can only buy SIM cards from authorized dealers after filling out a lot of paperwork. And provide passport-size photos. Once they have checked your passport and approved your paperwork, you can purchase your SIM card in-store.

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Explore the highlights of Bhutan in September

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