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Application scope of instant sodium silicate

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What is salt silicate?

Salt silicate, which is a soluble alkali metal silicate product composed of alkali steel oxides and silica. In economically developed countries, there are more than 50 kinds of deep-processed items making use of salt silicate as raw material, a few of which have actually been utilized in modern, accuracy and cutting-edge areas.

Application fields of sodium silicate

1. Repaint the surface area of the product to enhance its climate resistance. Impregnating or coating porous materials such as clay blocks, cement concrete, silicate concrete, and stone with water glass with a density of 1.35 g/cm can enhance the compactness, strength, impermeability, frost resistance and also water resistance of the material.

2. Enhance the dirt. The water glass and also calcium chloride solution are at the same time injected right into the soil under stress, as well as the resulting silicic acid gel strengthens in a moist setting as a result of the swelling state of the absorbed water in the soil.

3. Prepare quick-setting waterproofing agent.

4. Repair cracks in brick walls. After blending water glass, granulated blast furnace slag powder, sand and sodium fluorosilicate in a proper proportion, they can be directly pressed right into the cracks of the block wall, which can play the role of bonding and support.

5. Sodium silicate aqueous service can be utilized as the outer surface of fire doors.

6. It can be used to produce acid-resistant concrete for heating system lining.

7. In the chemical system, it is made use of to produce numerous silicate items such as silica gel, white carbon black, zeolite molecular filter, salt metasilicate pentahydrate, as well as silica sol.

8. In the light sector, it is an essential basic material for detergents such as cleaning powder as well as soap, in addition to a water softener and a working out help.

9. Dyeing accessories, lightening and also sizing for fabric market.

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