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What is lithium stearate used for

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What is lithium stearate?

Lithium stearate is the lithium salt of stearic acid. It originates from lithium hydroxide as well as food preparation butter or various other animal fats.

It is utilized as general oil and also supplies high water resistance. Since it can be used at high and low temperature levels, lithium stearate is utilized in lots of sectors, from automobiles to heavy equipment as well as even aerospace. As a general-purpose oil, lithium stearate is likewise made use of as a stabilizer in the cosmetic market as well as plastics market. Because of its buildings, the substance can also be used as a deterioration prevention in petroleum.

What is lithium stearate made use of for?

It can be made use of as a thickener for all-natural as well as artificial oils.

It is helpful to the manufacture of light metal molds.

It is a thicker as well as excellent grease, which is very ideal for high temperature applications.

It can enhance the melting factor as well as enhance the elasticity of microcrystalline wax.

Lithium stearate is extra resistant to uniformity loss since its melting point is greater than that of standard sodium and also potassium soaps (22 ° C versus 140 ° C).

It has amazing anti-rust as well as anti-corrosion properties.

Although it is water resistant, lithium stearate really works better in other sorts of environments.

It'' s an excellent sealant.

What is lithium soap?

Lithium 12-hydroxystearate is a fatty acid salt, frequently referred to as "lithium soap". It is one of the most usual soap utilized to stabilize and enlarge grease. Lithium salts are typically better than soaps with various other counterions, such as sodium, calcium as well as barium.

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