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What is Vanadium Nitride VN

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Vanadium nitride or VN, is a compound of vanadium and nitrogen. It is a black cubic crystal powder with molecular weight of 64.95.

Vanadium nitride forms and also increases put on resistance in the nitriding procedure of steel. In the nitriding procedure, another phase V2N, likewise referred to as vanadium nitride, can be developed with VN. VN has cubic rock salt framework. There is additionally a cryogenic form that contains V4 clusters. When the power of the resonance mode in the high temperature NaCl framework stage decreases below zero, the low temperature level phase is caused by vibrant instability.

It is a solid coupling superconductor. Nanocrystalline vanadium nitride is stated to have the potential to be used in supercapacitors. The buildings of vanadium nitride are sensitively established by the stoichiometry of the material.

Vanadium nitride is a new type of alloy additive, which can replace ferrovanadium in the production of microalloyed steel. The addition of vanadium nitride to steel can boost the extensive mechanical buildings of steel, such as stamina, sturdiness, ductility and also thermal exhaustion resistance, as well as make the steel have good weldability. At the very same stamina, the addition of vanadium nitride saves the amount of vanadium by 30-40%, thus minimizing the price. Vanadium-nitrogen alloy can be made use of in architectural steel, device steel, pipe steel, steel bar as well as cast iron. The application of vanadium-nitrogen alloy in high stamina reduced alloy steel can execute effective vanadium as well as nitrogen microalloying at the very same time, advertise the rainfall of carbon, vanadium as well as nitrogen substances in steel, and also play a more efficient function in sedimentation conditioning and grain refinement.

What is Vanadium Nitride VN Used For?

Vanadium nitride is a far better steelmaking additive than high vanadium iron. Making use of vanadium nitride as additive, the nitrogen make-up in vanadium nitride can advertise the rainfall of vanadium after hot working and make the precipitated fragments finer, so as to boost the weldability and also formability of steel.

Utilized as concrete carbide raw materials, the production of wear-resistant and also semiconductor movies.

It is a new as well as effective vanadium alloy additive, which can be used to generate high stamina low alloy steel items such as high stamina bonded steel, non-quenched and tempered steel, high speed device steel, high strength pipeline steel and so forth.

Vanadium Nitride VN Powder Price

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