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Tungsten disulfide uses

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Tungsten disulfide is a typical substance of tungsten and sulfur, which is composed of one tungsten atom and also two sulfur atoms. Tungsten disulfide chemical formula is WS2, the crystal framework is split framework, and also it has excellent thermodynamic, optoelectronic and catalytic homes.

Tungsten disulfide Properties

Reduced rubbing coefficient

The vibrant coefficient of tungsten disulfide (WS2) is 0.030 as well as the fixed coefficient is 0.070 to 0.090. Pressure, surface area coating as well as surface firmness influence these results. Substantial real-time, real-life wear reveals little adjustment over time, unless extreme overload problems are introduced.

Chemical security

Tungsten disulfide (WS2) is inert, safe and also non-corrosive. WS2 can be related to all secure metal substratums. It is not influenced by the majority of solvents, refined fuels and chlorinated solvents. It is worn down by fluorine, sulfuric acid as well as hydrofluoric acid in addition to hot caustic remedies. WS2 is corrosion resistant, but it can not restrain the impact of deterioration on inherently low resistance products.


WS2 is successfully made use of in petrochemical oils and greases, synthetic oils, silicone lubricants as well as hydraulic oils. It has a fondness for lubricating substances as well as strives to keep the fluid power layer.

High operating temperature

The operating temperature level of WS2 is -460 ° F to 1200 ° F in typical atmosphere and also 2400 ° F in vacuum. There is an oxidation threshold at about 825 ° F, which is very slow-moving compared with other lubricating substances. The exhaust attributes are also very low. The high temperature resistance of tungsten fluoride makes it excellent for bolts, studs and shafts in engine exhaust systems of all kinds of automobiles.

What is tungsten disulfide used for?

As oil stimulant:

WS2 can be made use of as a stimulant for hydrogenation, desulfurization, polymerization, changing, hydration, dehydration and also hydroxylation as a result of its exceptional splitting efficiency, high catalytic activity and lengthy service life.

As strong lubricating substance:

The friction coefficient of WS2 is between 0.01 and 0.03, and also the compressive toughness is as high as 2100MPa. It has the advantages of broad usage temperature, lengthy lubrication life, reduced friction element, good acid and alkali resistance, good corrosion resistance, great load resistance, and so on, so it is frequently made use of as a solid lube for high temperature, high pressure, broadband, high tons as well as transport devices in chemical energetic media.

As power storage electrode material:

WS2 is a kind of split material, which is connected by WMurS covalent bond in the layer as well as van der Waals pressure in between layers, as well as the distance between layers is modest, so it has good thermochemical stability, lithium storage space performance and also rapid electron transfer rate, which can successfully enhance the power density as well as structural stability of electrode materials.

Chip transistors:

WS2 is a low-dimensional transition steel semiconductor product that makes semiconductor tools with more powerful data processing and storage space capacities.

As an additive for high-performance lubricating oil:

It is discovered that including an appropriate quantity of WS2 nanoparticles to the lubricating oil can greatly boost the lubrication efficiency of the lubricating oil, reduce the rubbing coefficient by 20%-50%, as well as enhance the oil movie strength by 30%-40%. Its lubrication performance is much better than that of nano-MoS2.

Tungsten disulfide Price

The rate is affected by numerous aspects including the supply and also need in the market, industry trends, economic activity, market belief, as well as unexpected events.

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