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Is Niobium Carbide NbC Hard

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What is Niobium Carbide NbC?

Niobium carbide is a type of metal carbide with the chemical formula NbC.

The appearance of niobium carbide is brown-gray metal powder with purple luster. It comes from sodium chloride type cubic crystal system.

The relative density is 8.47. The latticework constant a=0.447 nm. The melting point is 3500 ℃. Microhardness > 23.5 Gpa (> 2400 kg/mm2), which is tougher than that of diamond. Elastic modulus 338000N/mm2, thermal expansion coefficient 6.65 × 10 ^( -6 )/ K, thermal conductivity 14w/(m · K), heat of formation-140.7 kJ/mol, certain warmth capacity 36.8 J/(mol · K), resistivity 35μΩ · centimeters.

Insoluble in cold and hot hydrochloric acid, sulfuric acid, nitric acid, soluble in hot hydrofluoric acid and nitric acid blended remedy. It is secure at 1000 ℃ and also 1100 ℃, and also quickly oxidized to niobium pentoxide over 1100 ℃. Niobium carbide is simple to thaw in titanium carbide, zirconium carbide, tungsten carbide and various other substances to create isomorphous strong service mix.

Niobium carbide is a really tough refractory ceramic material. Therefore, it is extremely suitable for machining applications and wear defense. It is made use of commercially for device heads for cutting devices. It is generally processed by sintering and also is a commonly utilized grain development prevention in cemented carbide. It has high corrosion resistance.

What is Niobium Carbide NbC Used For?

1. With excellent chemical stability and high-temperature performance, it is a type of material with high melting point as well as high solidity, which is widely made use of in refractory heat materials and sealed carbide additives.

2. Niobium carbide is a ternary and also quaternary carbide strong service component, which is utilized in warm building die, reducing tool, jet engine wind turbine blade, valve, tail skirt as well as rocket nozzle layer with tungsten carbide and molybdenum carbide.

3. As a carbide sealed carbide additive, it is a ternary and also quaternary carbide strong service element, such as WC-NbC-C ternary system. It can likewise be made use of as a purple artificial gem.

4. Made use of in the production of wear-resistant movies as well as semiconductor films. It can likewise be used as resources for the production of molybdenum carbide and also for the manufacture of chromium-free unique alloys as well as design ceramics.

What is Element Nb?

Nb (atomic icon: Nb, atomic number: 41) is a D block, fifth family members, fifth regular component with an atomic weight of 92.90638. The number of electrons in each covering of Nb'' s Bohr version Nb is 2, 8, 18 and also 12, as well as its digital configuration is [Kr] 4d45s1.

In its elemental form, Nb has a gray metal look. Amongst all the elements, Nb has the biggest magnetic infiltration depth and is just one of the second sort of superconductors (together with vanadium and also technetium) of the three components. Nb exists in pyrochlore, its major business resources and also uranium deposits.

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