Arbitrary Plane

A texture space in which all points are mapped onto an arbitrary plane.

The plane is specified in terms of a point which lies in the plane as Origin, a normal vector perpendicular to the plane as Normal, and an orientation expressed as an up vector passed in the argument Up.

The point passed as Origin is used for the origin of textures such that the texture origins appear at this point. An overall scaling factor can be introduced as Scale. Increasing this value will have the effect of increasing the scale of all wrapped textures which use this texture space.

The aspect ratio of the texture space, defined as one unit of its height divided by one unit of its width, may be set by the value defined by Aspect Ratio. This is interpreted such that the horizontal scale is equal to the value introduced as Scale, and the vertical scale is equal to the product of this value and the value defined by the argument Aspect Ratio.

In the model of the following illustration, suppose you selected the front surface and selected the three indicated points:

1 — the Origin of the plane
2 — the end point of the Normal vector
3 — the end point of the Up vector.

The image will be mapped as shown in the following illustration:

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