Working with the Hole Chart in Pro/ENGINEER

After defining the required parameters and features, you can use the hole chart in Pro/ENGINEER. Use the files DEMOPLATE.PRT and DEMOPLATE.DRW from the <unit>/demoparts/holechart-directory.

Creating Tables

  1. Load the drawing DEMOPLATE.DRW and click HOLECHART > CREATE TABLES. If the option ADV_TABLE_FORMATS is set to 1, a list of all bore types appears so you can select which bore types should be listed in the new table. This option is set to 0 by default, so this list is not displayed. PDX will search for all bore types that have been marked red in the active table format.

  1. After selecting the reference coordinate system CS0, you must specify one or more directions. Only bores with axes along the selected directions are accepted.

  1. To automate the direction selection, set the configuration option DIR_DEFAULT to one of the following directional values:

The hole chart will examine the geometry of the model to find all bores.

  1. If CREATE_HOLE_FILE or CREATE_NC_FILE is set to 1, you are prompted to type the name of the resulting ASCII files when the searching process has finished.

  2. Select the top-left position of the first table. If ONE_PICK_PLACEMENT is set to 0, an additional pick is required to define the table's end position (length).

In the next example, the configuration parameter TABLE_PER_TYPE is set to 1, which means a separate table or ASCII file is created for each bore type:

For CB_DBL the special format CB_DBL is used in which the other bores are written to tables with the default format. If the hole chart cannot identify a bore type and the option SUPRESS_UNKNOWN is set to 0, all unidentified bores are written to a table as TYPE ?. If you use ADV_TABLE_FORMATS, this option must be set to 1.

Deleting Tables

Two options are available for deleting tables:

Updating Tables

The hole chart is based on feature recognition. Associativity between the table and part dimensions is not possible. If any values are changed in the model, you must update the tables manually when you return to the drawing.

Note: If the file creation options are set to 1, you are prompted to type the file name for each table that is updated. In addition, if CREATE_TABLES_IN_UPDATE is set to 1, new tables are created for bores that were not previously listed in an existing table and matched to a hole direction.