To Export a Drawing to an IGES Drawing File

  1. Set the following configuration options:

  2. iges_out_symbol_entity

  3. intf2d_iges_out_hatch

  4. intf2d_out_pnt_ent

  5. iges_export_dwg_views

  6. iges_out_dwg_line_font

  7. iges_out_dwg_color

  1. Click File > Save a Copy in a drawing. The Save a Copy dialog box opens.

  2. Select IGES (.igs) in the Type box.

  3. Accept the default name in the New Name box or type a new model name for the export.

  4. Click OK. The Export Environment for IGES dialog box opens.

  1. Select the options specific to the type of entity you want to export. You can export the following entities:

If you set the intf2d_iges_out_hatch configuration option to yes, IGES Element Type 230, that is, a sectioned area, is created for each cross hatch.

Note: By specifying the interface quality, you can determine if an IGES drawing file contains overlapping entities.

  1. Click Open Log Window. The Information Window displays the log file with details of the export.

  2. In the Information Window, click Edit to edit the log file.

  3. Click File > Save to save the file.

  4. Click Close.

  5. Click OK in the Export Environment for IGES dialog box to export the file and quit the dialog box or click Export to export the file without closing the dialog box.

  1. The settings in the Export Environment for IGES dialog box are automatically saved.

  2. The drawing is exported and a file named <drawingname>.igs or <drawingname>_#.igs is created, where # is the sheet number for a multi-sheet drawing.

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