Specifying a Default Pen Mapping Table

Pro/ENGINEER uses the default pen mapping table file unless another pen mapping file exists and Pro/ENGINEER is configured to use it. The default pen table file location is <loadpoint>/text/table.pnt. To use other pen tables, you must specify them as full path names in a plotter configuration file (.pcf) or in the config.pro file, or they must be in the current directory.

To specify the default pen mapping, remove any reference to pen table files from the config.pro and plotter configuration files (.pcf), and remove any file named table.pnt from all working directories.

When you specify a Pro/ENGINEER entity for plotting, the system assigns it a pen based on the default system color corresponding to this entity type. When it plots entities, it uses the line width and line font associated with a particular color. For example, the system uses pen #1 to plot all entities that appear in Pro/ENGINEER using the Geometry index (white by default) and have the same line width and thickness.

If your plotter supports eight plotter pens, and you want to use them for plotting, set the configuration file option use_8_plotter_pens to yes. The following table illustrates the default pen mapping that occurs. A plotter that supports four pens uses the first four pens listed in the table.

Pen Number

System Color



Geometry (white)

Curve (dark blue)

Manufacturing Volume (purple)

Quilt (magenta)

Datum (brown)

Preselection Highlight (cyan)

Preview Geometry (yellow)

Secondary Preview Geometry (pale yellow)

Visible geometry (plot as solid lines, except where noted):

Cross-section cutting plane lines: plot as phantom lines

Cross-section cutting plane arrows and text

Drawing format and boundary

Tag text

Centerline line font with white color

Brown portion of datum planes


Letter (yellow)

All items plot as solid lines (except where noted):

Dimension lines


Axes and centerlines: plot as centerlines

Geometric tolerance lines

All text (except cross-section text)

Balloon notes


Centerline line font with yellow color


Hidden Line (gray)

Hidden lines: plot as dashed lines, phantom font


Highlight-Primary (dark red)

Selected (red)

Secondary Selected (orange)

All items plot as solid lines:

Spline surface grid (does not plot in drawings)


Sheet Metal (dark green)

Sheet metal color entities


Sketched Curve (blue)

Sketcher section entities


Highlight- Secondary (dark gray)

Toggled sections, grayed dimensions and text, dimmed tangent edges

Dark gray portion of datum planes


Highlight-Edge (green)

Spline surface grid

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