About Modifying Cross-Hatching

The default line style for cross sections is leader style. When you quit the View Manager, the cross section is displayed in yellow. You can modify the cross-hatching in planar and offset cross sections.

Cross-hatch cosmetics are independent of orientation. Your spacing specifications are stored in model coordinates, while angles are measured from the horizontal of the current view. The latter is designed to retain the same angle of cross hatching when the model is retrieved in a drawing cross-sectional view.

Note: Modifying the cross-hatching in Part or Assembly mode does not update any existing drawing views.

Standard Cross-Hatch Patterns

Note: Nine standard crosshatch patterns are included with Detailed Drawings (see the following figure).


  1. Aluminum

  2. Copper

  3. Electric

  4. Glass

  5. Iron

  6. Plastic

  7. Steel

  8. Titanium

  9. Zinc

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