To Create a Draft Feature

This procedure describes the steps necessary to create a basic Draft feature. All other procedures for creating Draft features are based on this one. For information on how to create more complex Draft features, follow the links under See Also.

  1. Click on the Engineering Features toolbar, or click Insert > Draft.

  2. Select the surfaces that you want to draft. To select multiple surfaces, hold down the CTRL key and select them. You can also use the Surface Sets dialog box to collect surfaces. To access the Surface Sets dialog box, open the References slide-up panel and click Details next to the Draft surfaces collector.

Note: You can also select one or more draft surfaces before entering the Draft tool.

  1. Click the Draft hinges collector on the dashboard to activate it and select a plane or a curve chain located on the draft surfaces, as the draft hinge.

Note: If you do not have a plane or curve to use as a draft hinge, you can pause the Draft tool and create one asynchronously, then resume the Draft tool.

  1. If you select a plane as a draft hinge, then Pro/ENGINEER automatically uses it to determine the pull direction. To change the pull direction, or to specify the pull direction if you are using a curve as a draft hinge, click the Pull direction collector on the dashboard to activate it and select a plane (in which case the pull direction is normal to this plane), a straight edge, a datum axis, or an axis of a coordinate system.

Pro/ENGINEER indicates the pull direction by a yellow arrow and displays the preview geometry for a constant draft with the default angle of 1 degree. The default draft angle value is displayed on the screen and in the box on the dashboard. Pro/ENGINEER also displays two drag handles; a round one, located on the draft hinge or on the draft surface contour, and a square one, connected to the draft angle.

  1. To modify the draft angle, type or select a value in the box in the dashboard. You can also drag the square handle connected to the draft angle, or double-click the draft angle value in the graphics window and type or select a value.

  2. To flip the draft angle, click Reverse angle to add or remove material on the dashboard. You can also drag the square handle connected to the draft angle to the other side of the part surface to which it is attached, or type a negative draft angle value.

  3. To flip the pull direction, click the pull direction arrow in the graphics window. You can also click Reverse pull direction on the dashboard or Flip in the References slide-up panel.

Note: Flipping the pull direction affects the direction of the draft angle.

  1. Use other options in the Draft user interface to create more complex draft geometry, if necessary. For more information, follow the appropriate link under See Also.

  2. Click on the dashboard. Pro/ENGINEER creates a draft of the selected feature.

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