To Show Datum Axes on a Drawing

When you show datum axes the axes of cylindrical and conical surfaces display on the drawing and erases axes that Pro/ENGINEER shows in a drawing. Because axes are inherited from the model you cannot delete them from within the drawing.

  1. Click View > Show and Erase. The Show/Erase dialog box opens.

  2. Click Show.

  3. Under Type, click .

  1. Use the following options in the Options tab to filter the set datum axes you want to show in the drawing:

  1. Under Show By, use the following options to define where you want to display the axes:

  1. Select the appropriate feature, part, or view to display the reference datum axes. You may need to repaint the drawing for the set axes to be displayed.

  2. Of the set axes previewed in the drawing, there may be some that you do not want to show. Use the following options in the Preview tab to filter them:

  3. Sel to Keep—Select the individual set datum axes to show in the drawing. Any set axes not selected will be erased.

  4. Sel to Remove—Select set datum axes to remove from the drawing. Any set axes not selected will remain in the drawing.

  5. Accept All—Keep all the previewed set datum axes.

  6. Erase All—Erase all the previewed set datum axes.

While you are showing the datum axes, items may overlap on the drawing. If this occurs, you can pause the show and erase tool and move the drawing items to enable you to see and correctly select the items to show or erase. To do this, right-click anywhere on the drawing and click Pause Show and Erase. Then move the drawing items within the view as necessary. Before continuing with the show and erase process, you must right-click and Resume Show and Erase.   

If you need to select multiple datum axes to keep or remove, you can do this by either holding down the CTRL key while selecting or using region selection. If you do not select all the necessary items at this time, you will have to repeat the show and erase process.   

  1. When you are finished with the preview, click OK in the Select dialog box. The set axes are displayed in the drawing.

  2. Click Close to close the Show/Erase dialog box.


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