Example: Cross-Section Views

You can create and save a cross section in Part or Assembly mode and show it in a drawing, or you can add a cross section to a view while you are inserting it.

When you are creating cross sections, there are two basic methods you can define:

When you are inserting views, you can set each view type to use the cross section techniques shown below:

Total or Area Sections

Total Cross Section

Area Cross Section

In planar area cross-sectional views, you can show all cosmetic sketches and datum curve features that lie in the cutting plane by setting the drawing setup file option draw_cosms_in_area_xsec   to  yes.

Full, Half, or Local Sections

Revolved Cross Section

Above: Revolved View

Aligned or Unfolded

Note: To control the display of datum curves, threads, cosmetic feature entities, and cosmetic crosshatch in a cross-sectional view, use the drawing setup file option remove_cosms_from_xsecs.

If you set it to all, you can remove datums and cosmetics from all types of cross-sectional views.

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