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Small: micro structure design of carbon based fiber electrode for braidable supercapacitor

wallpapers News 2020-09-21
In recent years

have broad application prospects in the fields of medical care sports rehabilitation training military. Electronic fabric can skillfully integrate various functional electronic components which has the deformability air permeability comfort of ordinary clothes. With the rapid development of nanotechnology more more electronic devices can be designed into fibers woven into electronic fabrics by using mature textile technology. Fiber like energy storage devices as an energy supply system to drive all kinds of electronic components in fabrics are of great significance to the development of electronic fabrics.

carbon based fibers (such as carbon fiber graphene fiber carbon nanotube fiber etc.) are ideal electrode materials for supercapacitors because of their comfort light weight high strength flexibility. However pure carbon based fibers based on the energy storage mechanism of electric double layer capacitor (EDLC) usually show low capacitance energy density. In order to solve this problem researchers have proposed to hybridize pseudocapacitance materials with carbon based fibers to improve the electrochemical performance of fiber electrodes have achieved considerable research results.

recently Professor Sun Gengzhi from Huang Wei academician team of Advanced Materials Research Institute of Nanjing University of technology summarized the latest development of wearable / braidable fiber based supercapacitors focusing on the preparation methods microstructure design strategies of carbon based fiber electrodes. Firstly the preparation methods microstructure of carbon fiber graphene fiber carbon nanotube fiber are described in detail the functionalization methods of these carbon based fibers the microstructure characteristics of hybrid fibers are summarized. Finally the author points out that the development of hybrid carbon based fiber preparation methods that can be organically combined with traditional textile technology the electrochemical performance of matching fiber electrode in the positive negative potential range the establishment of fiber device performance evaluation stards will help to solve the practical application challenges of wearable / braidable fiber supercapacitors.

are published in small (DOI: 10.1002 / small. 202000653). The first author of this paper is Yu Chenyang Ph.D. cidate of Advanced Materials Research Institute of Nanjing University of Technology (representative works: small methods (2020) 1900824; carbon 157 (2020) 106; small 4 (2018) 1801203 etc.) Professor an Jianing Institute of Photonics technology Jinan University (representative works: ACS Nano 13 (2019) 13293; advanced science 5 (2018) 1800496 etc.).

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