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Advantages of high-power DC fast charging station

wallpapers News 2021-04-28
Take the 200KW CCS CHADEMO DC fast charging station as an example. Grasen 200KW CCS CHADEMO DC fast charging station is specially designed for super fast, reliable, intelligent, universal and convenient charging of all electric vehicles (including electric vehicles equipped with high-voltage battery systems). Its modularity allows the charging power to be increased to 200 kW, while serving two electric vehicles at the same time.
Features of 200KW CCS CHADEMO DC fast charging station
Output power: 200KW *Connector-CCS and CHADEMO
Network: 4G, Ethernet. Support OCPP 1.6J
Standard: It can be used in EU, Japan, China, etc. according to requirements .Applicable to public parking lots, bus stations, gas stations, expressway service areas

Function of 200KW CCS CHADEMO DC fast charging station
Grasen 200KW CCS CHADEMO DC fast charging station has 95% high efficiency and high quality, designed to provide mode 4 ultra-fast DC charging for electric vehicles.
The charging speed can be increased to 80% within 15 minutes, and the power efficiency can reach 95%, thus saving costs;
Compatible with open standard connectors: CHAdeMO, CCS1 (SAE J1772 combination), CCS2 (IEC 61851-23);
Support RFID card reader for user authentication;
8-inch LCD touch screen and humanized interface;
Support wired/wireless network LAN, 4G;
Support OCPP 1.6 or OCPP 2.0 to realize smart charging system.

How to charge my electric car?
There are three main types of EV charging points (slow, fast and fast) and many charging connectors, some of which are suitable for specific EVs.
The air intake of the vehicle and the type of charger will determine which slot you use. The fast charger uses CHAdeMO, CCS or Type 2 connectors. Fast and slow devices (such as home charging points) usually use Type 2, Type 1, Commando, or 3-pin plug sockets.
Electric vehicles in Europe (such as Audi, BMW, Renault, Mercedes, Volkswagen and Volvo) usually have Type 2 air intakes and CCS fast standards. Nissan and Mitsubishi manufacturers tend to use Type 1 connectors and CHAdeMO inlets. Hyundai Ioniq Electric and Toyota Prius plug-ins use type 2 connectors.

Application of 200KW CCS CHADEMO DC Fast Charging Station
Grasen 200KW CCS CHADEMO DC fast charging station is suitable for the following places and occasions. Condominiums, fleets, company vehicles and motor vehicle pools, delivery and logistics fleets, passenger transportation, education, entertainment and stadiums, federal and state agencies, health care, public parking, workplaces.
Luoyang Grasen Power Technology Co., Ltd is a professional AC home charger and DC fast charger EV super charger manufacturer for 11 years in China, the charging connectors can be any two of CCS1/CCS2/CHAdeMO/GBT. Please enter our website for more information: https://www.grasen.com. Please send email to sales@grasen.com for inquiry.