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Advanced healthcare materials: metal organic framework materials mineralized bacteria for cancer drug delivery

wallpapers News 2020-08-22

in nature many kinds of organisms can transform the mineral elements in the environment into their own components through the process of biomineralization. Inspired by this scientists have used biomimetic biomineralization strategy to prepare a variety of functional organic-inorganic composites. At present many materials such as Ca3 (PO4) 2 ZnS SiO2 MOF have been applied to biomimetic biomineralization. Due to its high biocompatibility simple preparation conditions MOF material zif-8 has attracted great interest in the field of biomineralization in recent years. For example zif-8 can maintain the high activity of biological enzymes under high temperature organic solution ensure the survival of living organisms (bacteria viruses cells etc.) under severe conditions endow organisms with additional functions. However there is no relevant work to explore the application of biomineralization of living organisms in tumor therapy. If biomineralized organisms can be used for drug delivery treatment of tumor it will exp the biomineralization of active organisms biological application of MOF also provide new strategies for tumor treatment.

Professor Liu Bifeng of Huazhong University of science technology Dr. Wang Yu of Shenzhen University their collaborators have designed a simple one-step biomineralization strategy which combines zif-8 precursor photosensitizer (CE6) chemotherapy drug (DOX) tumor targeting Escherichia coli (E. coli The biomineralized Escherichia coli (e coli@ZIF-8/C&D )。 Through the study of its characteristics it is found that the zif-8 nano layer on the surface of E. coli has nearly 100% loading efficiency for drug molecules the material maintains high activity which is suitable for long-term storage. Compared with the original E. coli e coli@ZIF-8/C&D After irradiation by near-infrared laser the biomineralized E. coli loaded with the drug successfully achieved the combination therapy effectively inhibited the growth of tumor in mice. As MOF materials are easy to combine with other functional materials the material system in this work can be further functionalized to achieve better therapeutic detection effect new applications. The researchers believe that this research will open a window for biomedical research based on mineralization of living organisms provide new ideas for cancer treatment.

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