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Advanced healthcare materials: endothelial progenitor cell derived extracellular vesicles: a new strategy for regenerative medicine and disease treatment

wallpapers News 2020-07-25
figure 1: EPC EVs contain a variety of bioactive substances such as proteins lipids nucleic acids. Because of their existence EPC EVs have many potential clinical applications.

with the rise of stem cell therapy regenerative medicine treatment strategy has gradually entered people's field of vision. Due to the advantages of strong proliferation differentiation ability low immunogenicity of stem cells many researchers have applied different kinds of stem cells in the field of cell therapy regenerative medicine. Progenitor cells have similar characteristics to stem cells but they are more likely to differentiate into specific types of cells so they are more specific than stem cells. As the precursor cells of endothelial cells endothelial progenitor cells (EPC) mainly come from bone marrow. Many studies have shown that EPC migrates from bone marrow to circulating blood participates in the repair regeneration of damaged tissues when human tissues are stimulated by local ischemia or hypoxia. However there are still limitations in the clinical application of stem cells / progenitor cells including the problems of source ethics the maintenance of cell biological activity. Therefore it is of great research value to find a kind of cell-free therapy which has the same therapeutic effect as stem cells but does not have the above problems. Recently Professor Liu Haifeng Professor Fan Yubo from school of biological medical engineering Beijing University of Aeronautics Astronautics have been in advanced healthcare The potential of endothelial progenitor cell-derived extracellular vesicles (EPC EVs) as a new strategy for regenerative medicine disease treatment was reviewed. The research results of EPC EVs in the treatment of circulatory system diseases nephropathy diabetes bone disease ischemia-reperfusion injury lung injury promoting angiogenesis were systematically summarized. The future research development of EPC EVS was also discussed Finally the research direction is prospected. There are three types of extracellular vesicles (spkds) extracellular vesicles (spkds). Current studies suggest that EVs play an important role in intercellular communication. In recent years with the researchers' attention to EVs EVs have been applied in many fields such as tumor biomarkers nano drug carriers disease treatment. Many studies have shown that EPC EVs contain a variety of bioactive substances such as nucleic acids proteins which can regulate cell function can regulate the process of angiogenesis. At the same time EPC EVs also have excellent therapeutic effects on a variety of diseases (such as circulatory system diseases nephropathy diabetes bone disease ischemia-reperfusion injury lung injury etc.). Compared with EPC EPC EVs have the advantages of small size stable structure low immunogenicity. In addition compared with the traditional stem cell therapy EVs has fewer ethical issues which will make EVs therapy gradually become one of the emerging cell-free treatment strategies in basic clinical research.

however there are some problems in this therapy such as the cell source culture conditions cell identification process of EPC vary greatly in different studies. The extraction process of EVs is complex there is no stardized operation process. The function of EVs secreted by EPC from different sources under different culture conditions was also different. In addition the biological mechanism of EVs in the treatment of many diseases is still not fully understood. Therefore stardizing the separation extraction methods of EVs in-depth study on the biological origin biological function of EVs will help to promote this new cell-free treatment strategy into clinical practice bring more new possibilities for regenerative medicine research disease treatment benefit more patients.

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