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Advanced functional materials: novel two-dimensional transition metal carbides: high performance electrocatalysts for water and oxygen reduction

wallpapers News 2020-08-09

electrocatalysts play an increasingly important role in the conversion storage of renewable energy including water decomposition metal air cells fuel cells which involve hydrogen evolution reaction (her) oxygen evolution reaction (OER) oxygen reduction reaction (ORR). Therefore looking for efficient stable cheap electrocatalyst is the key to renewable energy. However at present the catalysts for these reactions are usually expensive noble metals or their oxides such as Pt (for her ORR) RuO2 IrO2 (for oer); in addition oer orr are multi-step proton electron transfer reactions with linear proportional relationship the kinetic process is slow often needs to be carried out at high overpotential. These have seriously hindered the application of existing catalysts. It is of great significance urgency to develop non noble metal based efficient durable electrocatalysts.

mxene based two-dimensional materials have large specific surface area good electrical conductivity acid stability which show more more potential applications in the field of catalysis. However there are a lot of dangling bonds on the surface of mxenes which are easy to be functionalized by some t groups (t = Oh F O) these surface functional groups are not easy to accurately control. The results show that not only the conductivity of * OH / oor is limited but also the conductivity of * oer is greatly reduced. Therefore researchers propose a new modified mxenes strategy: increase the content of C so that C atoms are exposed on the surface in the form of dimer transition metal atoms are protected in the interior by C dimer so as to avoid surface functionalization improve the stability adjust the electronic structure the sub formula is MC2.

Professor Yadong Zhou Jian sun Zhimei Ph.D. students of School of materials Beijing University of Aeronautics Astronautics have discovered a new type of nbc2 two-dimensional material by using unbiased structure search first principles calculation The electrocatalytic performance of (M is transition metal Ti V Nb Ta Mo C is carbon). These materials have excellent stability conductivity can achieve rapid charge transfer in the catalytic process which is expected to become an alternative multifunctional efficient electrocatalyst.

have excellent catalytic activities for her reaction in the Volmer Heyrovsky reaction mechanism. In the oer orr reactions by realizing the double active site mechanism the interaction of the traditional linear correlation single active site mechanism is broken the catalytic active center is relatively independent the overpotential of the catalytic reaction is greatly reduced. Moc2 has the best oer catalytic performance tac2 moc2 have good orr catalytic performance. In conclusion nbc2 can be used as an excellent her catalyst tac2 is expected to be a promising her / orr dual functional electrocatalyst moc2 is expected to be used as a multi-functional electrocatalyst for the catalytic reaction of water (her oer) orr. These results provide a new idea for the development of novel two-dimensional materials in high efficiency low cost electrocatalysts.

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