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Advanced energy materials: mechanically adjustable friction nanogenerators for energy capture in random environments

wallpapers News 2020-12-20
With the aggravation of energy crisis global warming the collection of vibration energy in the environment has become an important topic in the field of energy collection. The vibration in the environment is usually characterized by low frequency small amplitude strong romness. The electromagnetic power generation device based on Faraday's law of electromagnetic induction has excellent energy capture characteristics in the high frequency input environment but it has poor adaptability to the low frequency characteristics of the environment. In 2012 Professor Wang Zhonglin's team proposed a friction nano generator based on the principle of friction electrification electrostatic induction coupling for the first time which realized the conversion of vibration energy widely existing in the environment into electrical energy output showed good application prospects in the fields of micro nano energy self driving sensing blue energy which has great significance for sustainable development of energy environmental protection application of Internet of things It is of great scientific significance. Compared with electromagnetic generator friction nano generator has obvious advantages of energy collection in low frequency working environment high power density light weight wide range of material selection.

at present researchers have carried out a lot of research on using friction nano generator to obtain energy from the ocean vibration wind human movement environment. According to its working principle the output characteristics of friction nanogenerators especially the current depend heavily on the external excitation. Therefore due to the romness of vibration the stability of the output performance of the friction nano generator is not ideal.

Professor Wang Zhonglin of Beijing Institute of nano energy systems Chinese Academy of Sciences research group of Cheng Tinghai (co corresponding author) proposed for the first time a new research idea of mechanically adjustable friction nano generator (mr-teng) with output performance for energy capture in rom environment. By integrating energy storage mechanism switch mechanism the adjustable output of Teng under rom excitation is realized. Mr-teng is mainly composed of transmission mechanism switch mechanism flywheel generating unit shell. The transmission mechanism transmits the rom linear or rocking motion in the environment to the flywheel then drives the rotor of the power generation unit on the flywheel to rotate so that the flexible blade on the rotor the copper electrode on the stator of the power generation unit produce relative rotation finally converts the rotational kinetic energy into electric energy. By controlling the energy storage angle of the switch mechanism the energy collection release process of mr-teng can be controlled so that the rom or irregular energy in the environment can be converted into controllable stable energy output. The experimental results show that under rom excitation the output open circuit voltage of mr-teng is 350 V the short circuit current is 12 μ a the transfer charge is 130 NC the peak power can reach 2.52 MW. In addition the mr-teng can supply power for thermometers more than 300 light emitting diodes (LEDs) in simulated water wave environment which proves its potential application in water wave energy collection. The researchers of

believe that this research work can provide new research ideas inspiration for promoting the practical application of friction nano generator has important guiding significance reference value.

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