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Advanced energy materials: Research Progress of enhancing sodium ion storage by heteroatom doping strategy

wallpapers News 2020-09-29
Schematic diagram of the development process of heteroatom doping

sodium ion battery is widely considered to have great application potential in the future renewable energy storage system because of its rich raw materials low cost. In recent years the electrode materials of sodium ion batteries their energy storage mechanism have been widely studied but their energy density cycle life are still not comparable to those of lithium ion batteries. The modification strategies related mechanisms for new anode cathode materials have become a hot difficult research topic. It is found that heteroatom doping (including nonmetal doping metal ion doping) can effectively adjust the basic characteristics of intrinsic materials such as carrier / ion migration adsorption capacity reactivity structural stability the mechanism of different types of heteroatom doping is also different. Combined with the advantages synergistic effects of different heteroatom doping heteroatom doping strategy is expected To help sodium ion battery break through the existing technical bottleneck promote its practical application in the field of large-scale power storage.

recently Professor Chen Minghua of Harbin University of technology researcher Xia Xinhui of Zhejiang University published a review paper

on advanced energy materials entitled "heteroatom doping: an effective way to boost medium ion storage"
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