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Guide Snaps

modo allows the creation of Guides for snapping. You can create lines in 3D space and then use them as snap tools.

To create Guide Snaps, press the dropdown arrow on the Snap button of the modo Modes toolbar, and choose Guides. Click in any 3D Model Viewport to create a Snap Guide. Use the blue handle to reposition the guide, and the blue circle to rotate it in 3D Space.

When Guide Snaps are being used the Tool Properties form displays controls for the Guide. You can scroll through the various guides in the viewport using the Current Guide field. You can precisely control the position, plane, angle and distance of the guide using the numeric fields, as well as turn off the display of the guide, enable the guide and turn the snapping on and off.

Keyboard Shortcut :


Menu Path :

   Edit > Snap > Guides

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