Teach you how to extend bearing life and maximize performance

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Teach you how to extend bearing life and maximize performance

Bearings are essential parts of mechanical equipment. To ensure the best performance of the bearings, reliable work, correct installation and operation, and reasonable maintenance are vital.

1 Lubrication is the key

Choose the right lubrication system and high-quality lubricant. The lubricating oil film separates the oil film surfaces that are in contact with each other and provides the necessary protection against corrosion and wear. Therefore, for all rotating or reciprocating parts, especially bearings and gears, the lubricating oil film is not available lack. In the case of splash lubrication or circulating lubrication systems, the oil film can also transfer heat.

Plants often suffer from unnecessary downtime and deteriorating equipment conditions due to improper lubrication. Inadequate oil supply can cause increased wear and temperature rise, resulting in excessive wear and early bearing failure and damage. Excessive lubrication, especially for high-speed equipment, will generate extreme heat due to oil agitation, chemical degradation of the lubricant, and damage to bearings.

2 A reasonable adjustment is significant

During assembly or installation, if the internal clearance of the bearing is too large or too small, or in some cases, the preload is too high, which may cause early damage and shorten the bearing life. In addition to creating downtime and costly maintenance, improper bearing assembly and installation may have more negative effects, such as affecting the operation of other parts and shortening their service life.

Proper lubrication and maintenance are critical, and proper installation and use are indispensable, and then make full use of existing condition monitoring equipment to escort. Failure to follow installation and maintenance requirements will result in equipment failure and a significant safety hazard. According to the equipment manufacturer's instruction manual, assembly, installation, and regular maintenance are the best ways to prevent problems.

3 Inspection after bearing installation

The correct installation of the bearing has a direct impact on its life and accuracy of the host. If improperly installed, the bearing will not only have vibration, high noise, low efficiency, considerable temperature rise but also the danger of being burnt out; otherwise, proper installation will not only ensure accuracy but also significantly extend the life. Therefore, after the bearing is installed, it must be inspected. Root key inspection items are as follows:

1) Check the installation position

2) Inspection of radial clearance

3) Check the tightness between the bearing and the shaft shoulder.

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