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This link enables you to import tool data from the CoroGuide database into the EdgeCAM tooling database via the ToolStore or ToolKitAssistant application. The data imported is primarily tool geometry and it may be necessary to manually add mounting or tool kit information to the imported data. In all cases the tool definition must be checked against your specific requirements to ensure that the intended tool design has been achieved.

Data is exported from CoroGuide as .xml files which can be loaded singly or in groups to the EdgeCAM ToolStore database.

The Coroguide Link imports tooling data from an external source. Pathtrace have no control over the content of this external database and it is the user's responsibility to ensure that any imported data is correct for his purposes.

CoroGuide is a registered mark of Sandvik Coromant.


CoroGuide Link Settings

The CoroGuide software does not create a registry entry so the user must select its location at the time of first use. When the CoroGuide launch button is used for the first time you will be asked to browse for the location.

The CoroGuide command in the system menu (right-mouse click on the title bar of the ToolStore or ToolKit Assistant dialog) offers several options that allow you to activate/deactivate the CoroGuide link and specify the program and data file locations.

CoroGuide Program Location Allows you to browse for the CoroGuide executable to be used when the Launch button is pressed. Note that this button is greyed out until the selection has been made.

CoroGuide Data Files Location Allows you to browse for the CoroGuide folder where .xml data files will be created. Note that this location may be accessed on a remote machine over the network.

Enable/Disable CoroGuide Check this option (as appropriate) to activate/deactivate the CoroGuide link. Please note that the CoroGuide Launch and Import buttons will not be visible if the link has been disabled.


Launching CoroGuide

When the Launch button in the ToolStore or ToolKit Assistant dialog is selected the CoroGuide software is launched so that tools may be defined from its database.


Note that the CoroGuide location must first have been specified (see below).

The tools may be saved and exported in .xml format for EdgeCAM ToolStore using CoroGuide "Export to" facilities.

Note that when creating an XML file the assembly name in CoroGuide will be contained as a tool description and will be used as the tool ID within EdgeCAM ToolStore.

The .xml file is regarded as a temporary file and can be deleted once the tool has been created.


Importing CoroGuide Data

The Import button on the ToolStore or ToolKit Assistant dialog opens a browse window that allows you to select a CoroGuide .xml file for import into the ToolStore database.


Also see Importing CoroGuide Data.