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Reaction-Step Specific Combustion Model Control

For multi-step reactions, there is the option of specifying a different combustion model for each reaction step. The choice of combustion model for each step is optional, and is enabled when the Reaction or Combustion Model toggle is enabled for a single-step reaction. Specification is carried out in the Reaction details view in ANSYS CFX-Pre. For details, see Single Step Reaction: Basic Settings.

The available choices for a reaction-step specific reaction are Eddy Dissipation Model, Finite Rate Chemistry Model, and EDM/Finite Rate Chemistry Model.

When a reaction contains a reaction-step specific combustion model, the model overrides the choice of combustion model set on the Fluid Domains form in ANSYS CFX-Pre, except if the option on the Fluid Domains form is set to None.

Because of the behavior described in the paragraph above, it is important that you select a combustion model on the Fluid Domains form, even if you have selected models for each and every reaction step in a multi-step reaction.