View Cropping

If you want to show only part of a drawing view, you can crop the view. Cropping does not change the drawing view scale.  Rather, it limits the portion of the view that is displayed on the drawing sheet.

You can crop any type of drawing view except a detail view. A detail view changes the scale of the geometry not cropped from the detail view.

Once you create a cropped view, you can use other commands, such as the Center Line command, to add lines such as break and symmetry lines.

There are two types of cropping boundaries you can define:

Rectangular Cropping Boundary

To crop a drawing view, first select it to display its border. Then drag one of the border's handles (A) until only the geometry you want to see is visible (B).

Custom Cropping Boundary

Similarly, the Modify Drawing View Boundary button on the Drawing View Selection ribbon allows you to crop a drawing view by dragging its handles. It also allows you to define a non-rectangular cropping boundary using 2D drawing geometry such as arcs and lines.

When you select this option, the drawing view is displayed in a special cropping window. The rectangular boundary is converted to four endpoint connected line segments. You can use the 2D drawing tools to redraw the view cropping border. However, the new cropping boundary profile must be closed.

To use a portion of the rectangular boundary window in the custom profile, draw new line segments or arcs that connect to the existing line segments. Use the Trim command on the drawing toolbar to remove the unneeded line segments.

To draw a new boundary profile "from scratch," delete all the existing line segments and then draw the new boundary using the 2D drawing tools.

Click Finish to exit the cropping window, update the view, and return to the drawing.

Click Example: Modify View Cropping Boundary to see a series of illustrations showing how the custom cropping boundary works.

Uncropping a Drawing View

You can return a cropped drawing view to its original display using the Uncrop command on the shortcut menu or by selecting the drawing view and dragging its handles.

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