SOLIDCAM2000 Milling Quick Start    

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Step 3

Defining a new Part

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Note! All dimensions in this tutorial are in millimeters. We strongly recommend that you define the working units as millimeters before you start the part. Click here for an explanation on how to define it.


First, a new CAM-PART for the mold insert has to be defined.

All commands and operations in the SOLIDCAM Manager can be controlled with the right mouse button .

With the right mouse button, click on the field Part and select New>Milling.

In the Part data dialog you have to give details about the part. SOLIDCAM2000 will copy the current design file to the CAM-Part's folder.


Enter: CAM1 for the Part name and click on OK.

SOLIDCAM2000 creates the Part and the fields in the lower section of the dialog will be activated.








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