Tesla Semi electric truck found to recover from winter testing before production

wallpapers Products 2020-03-24

As early as January, Tesla provided Tesla Semiconductor reservation holders with the latest information on its test plans, improvements and electric truck schedules. These include plans to launch the Tesla Semi winter test program as soon as possible

In the short term, several weeks of winter testing will be conducted to verify the truck's performance in cold weather and low traction conditions. We are happy to share with you winter insights, as we will be able to highlight the main advantages of electric traction and motor control, which are unmatched by diesel powertrains.

In the past, CEO Elon Musk said that Tesla saw an opportunity to expand the range during testing, and said that the production version of Tesla Semi would have a driving range of nearly 600 miles.

When Tesla launched Tesla Semi in 2017, Tesla began directing production in 2019, but it delayed production of electric trucks until 2020.

Later, Tesla added that it plans to start "limited production" of Tesla Semi electric trucks in 2020.

Electric trucks still do not have a confirmed factory, but we recently reported that Tesla has a huge new building next to Gigafactory in Nevada that could be used for Tesla Semi production.

Most of the wheel bearings in the car are maintenance-free. Generally, as long as the car is not scrapped, there will be no major problems. There is no need for management and maintenance. The level of previous car construction is indeed relatively weak, so the axle will be prone to errors during installation. Due to uneven time, the life will be very short, and the bearing will be easily damaged. At this time, just replace the axle with a new one. Yes, and its price is relatively cheap.

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