Introduction to the basic information of titanium nitride

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Titanium nitride is a compound with a molecular formula of TiN and a molecular weight of 61.88. Titanium nitride powder is generally yellowish-brown, ultrafine titanium nitride powder is black, and titanium nitride crystals are golden yellow. The melting point of titanium nitride is 2950℃, the Mohs hardness is 8-9, and the thermal shock resistance is good. The melting point of titanium nitrides is higher than that of most transition metal nitrides, but the density is lower than that of most metal nitrides.
It can be used as conductive materials such as electrodes and electrical contacts for molten salt electrolysis.
Properties of titanium nitride
There are two kinds of titanium nitride (Ti2N2) and titanium tetranitride (Ti3N4). Titanium dinitride is a yellow solid. Dissolved in boiling aqua regia. When encountering hot sodium hydroxide solution, ammonia will be released. The properties of titanium tetranitride are similar to those of titanium dinitride.
Preparation of titanium nitride
Titanium nitride can be made by directly reacting titanium and nitrogen at 1200°C. The coating can be formed by a vapor deposition method using a mixed gas of titanium tetrachloride, nitrogen, and hydrogen. Titanium dinitride is obtained by heating metallic titanium in nitrogen or ammonia at 900-1000°C. Titanium tetranitride is obtained by heating titanium tetrachloride in ammonia at 1000°C.
Application of titanium nitride
Titanium nitride is a fairly stable compound that does not react with metals such as iron, chromium, calcium, and magnesium at high temperatures. Titanium nitride crucibles do not react with acidic slag and alkaline slag under CO and N2 atmospheres, so it is nitrided Titanium crucible is an excellent container for studying the interaction between molten steel and some elements. Titanium nitride loses nitrogen when heated in a vacuum, producing titanium nitride with lower nitrogen content.
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