How to handle a noisy separation bearings of a car?

wallpapers Products 2020-10-28
The noise of the separation bearing of the automobile is not too loud, but how long can the separation bearing be used? What should I do?
The clutch release bearing is a very important part of the car. If it is improperly maintained, it will easily cause failures, and even cause economic losses, and it is also very troublesome when it is disassembled once. The thing is to consume a lot of time. Therefore, when the clutch release bearing fails, reasonable maintenance must be carried out, so as to extend the service time of the release shaft and improve work efficiency.
For current cars, the release bearing only exists on the manual transmission car, and the release bearing is a necessary part of the clutch pressure plate. When we step on the clutch, we can pull the lever by pulling the wire, and the lever can push The bearing is released to separate the engine and the transmission, as long as the clutch is disconnected, the next step up and down can be performed.
The release bearing is between the clutch and the transmission, that is, the release bearing seat is loosely sleeved in the extension of the tube installation of the transmission bearing cover. The release bearing allows the release lever to rotate on the one hand and along the axis of the clutch output shaft on the other hand. This can also ensure that the clutch can be combined smoothly and softly when separated, which can reduce wear and tear and extend the service life of the clutch.
If there is a problem with the release bearing, we can gently step on the clutch pedal after the agricultural machinery is started, and then at the end of the driving, there will be a "sand" or "squeaking" sound, then continue to step on the clutch , If the noise is not loud, then it is not the problem of the separation bearing, if there is still abnormal noise, then even if the separation shaft has abnormal noise.
In fact, the clutch release bearing is a very important part of the car. Generally, the service life is equivalent to the clutch assembly under normal conditions. However, once there is a failure, if it is not the cause of poor lubrication, the others are all It is necessary to go to the repair shop for replacement, because the process of disassembly and assembly is very troublesome. It will also consume a lot of time. If the abnormal noise directly affects the normal driving, then the repair must be repaired, otherwise you will be very worried about driving all day.