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Select the correct isoplane setting before inserting bleed rings.

To insert a bleed ring…

1.   From the Miscellaneous Fittings tab, select Bleed Ring.

The Bleed Ring Width dialog box appears.

2.   In the Width box, type the bleed ring thickness.

3.   Click OK.

4.   In the drawing, click to select the start point.

5.   Click to select the direction.

The Bleed Ring Description dialog box appears

6.   In the Description input box, do one of the following:

7.   Click OK.

The bleed ring appears in the drawing.

The Bolt Length notification box appears.

8.   Click OK.

The Bolt Length override is now active.

When inserting bolts in a component grouping that contains a bleed ring, add the bleed ring’s thickness and one extra gasket thickness to the bolt length.

Ř  Note: If you do not know the required bolt length when you insert the bleed ring, use the Dynamic Attribute Edit tool later to edit bolt length information in the bolt’s INFO block. See Dynamic Attribute Edit.