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Installing MapInfo Professional

CAUTION: We strongly recommend that you exit from all Windows programs before beginning the installation process. If you are upgrading from an earlier version of MapInfo Professional, we recommend that you uninstall before upgrading.

You must have Administrator rights to run the Installer on Windows XP.

If your Windows Start menu does not have a MapInfo program folder, the installation process creates this folder. If your Windows Start menu already has a MapInfo program folder, this process creates a new MapInfo icon within that folder.

MapInfo Professional provides its application data files to each user. Called a Per-User install, this functionality runs the first time you run MapInfo Professional or MapInfo Professional client on a machine, and each time the MapInfo Professional Installer is run thereafter. The application data files include, among others, the Pen Styles file, Custom Symbols files, Graph Support files, and Thematic Legend templates. These files allow different users to have custom settings.

Note: The Installer requires that your TEMP variable be set to a valid directory.

To install MapInfo Professional:

  1. On the Launcher menu, click Install Products from the MapInfo Professional CD Browser.
  2. Click MapInfo Professional Installer. The Install Shield Wizard dialog box displays. Click Next to continue the process and display the License Information dialog box and accept the terms of the agreement.
  3. Click Next to continue. The Customer Information screen displays.
  4. Type your name, organization name, serial number, and access code in the corresponding fields. The serial number and access code are listed on the Product Activation Information Card in the product box and are used to activate your product. Click Next to continue.
  5. Do one of the following:
    • If your organization purchased node-locked licenses, the third character of your serial number is "N". Skip step 5 and go to step 6. For more information, see Node-Locked Licenses.
    • If your organization purchased concurrent licenses, the third character of your serial number is "S". In those cases, the License Server Name and Port dialog box displays on the screen.
    • If you know the license server name and port number, enter them here. If you do not, you can continue with the installation without filling in the license server name and port number. You will have another opportunity to supply this information when you start MapInfo Professional. For more information, see Concurrent Licenses. Click Next.

  6. Review the following installation types and determine which instructions are appropriate. Click one of the following and click Next to continue:
    • Typical Workstation Installation. Click this option if you will be using MapInfo Professional as a desktop application including remote database access and connectivity. See Typical Workstation Installation on page 16 to continue these instructions.
    • Custom Workstation Installation. Click this option to restrict the components that are installed by the installation program. For example, you can prevent the installer from adding the help system and tools. See Custom Workstation Installation on page 16 to continue these instructions.
    • Network Installation. Click this option if you are installing or upgrading to a MapInfo Professional network product. See Network Installation on page 18 to continue these instructions. These instructions are for network administrators only. After you install MapInfo Professional on the network, follow the instructions for installing MapInfo Professional on client equipment in Setting Up Client Workstations on page 19.

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