Import - NASTRAN .dat file

Form:  NASTRAN Input File

Use the File menu > Import > NASTRAN .dat file command to import structural analysis models created using NASTRAN into SAP2000. The command imports geometry, connectivity, material and section properties, loads and constraint conditions. The import assumes that the NASTRAN files are compatible with MSC/NASTRAN Version 68.

Because NASTRAN and SAP2000 have different FEM libraries and different analytical capabilities, not all NASTRAN data can be imported; for example, curved shells cannot be imported.

  1. Click the File menu > Import > NASTRAN .dat file command to display the NASTRAN Input File form.

  2. Click the Read File button to display the Open NASTRAN Input File form. Use the form to locate the NASTRAN file to be imported, and click the Open button.

  3. SAP2000 will redisplay the NASTRAN Input File form, read the NASTRAN file, and provide a status messages of which items were imported from the NASTRAN model and which items were ignored. The message displays in the large display area of the form.

  4. If acceptable data has been identified, the Convert Data button will enable. Click that button to convert the file to a usable SAP2000 file.

  5. Click the OK button to complete the import.


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