Chief Architect X1

Importing Terrain Data

Terrain data can be added to a plan using the tools and techniques described earlier in this chapter or it can be imported from a file.

Chief Architect is capable of importing text files (.txt) and DWG/DXF files (.dwg, .dxf). If your terrain data is not in one of these file formats, there are third party programs available that can convert to these formats.

Text Files

Text files contain elevation terrain data based on x, y, and z coordinates where x and y define the location of a point on a Cartesian grid, and z defines the elevation for that point. Each point must be on a separate line of the text file. Importable text files can come from surveyors, other software programs, or you can create your own using a GPS system.


If you have a model of your terrain created on another program that contains contour lines and elevation data, that information can be imported directly as elevation data into Chief Architect as a .dxf or a .dwg file. See "Importing DXF/DWG Elevation Data".

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