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Object Snaps

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Object Snaps allow you to position objects precisly relative to each other; for example, to position lines so that their endpoints meet or roof plane edges so that they are colinear.

Object Snaps can be turned on or off by selecting Edit> Snap Settings> Object Snaps , by clicking the toggle button, or in the Preferences dialog. See "Snap Properties Panel".

Object Snaps are indicated visually as you create or edit objects and with the exception of On Object snaps, have priority over all other types of snapping in Chief Architect. Bumping/Pushing overrides Object Snaps. See "Bumping/Pushing".

Object Snap Behaviors

There are many locations on an object that other objects can snap to. In addition to snap points located on objects, Extension Snaps locate points away from objects. Each type of object snap can be toggled by selecting Edit> Snap Settings or in the Preferences dialog. See "Snap Properties Panel".

Extension Snaps

For some operations, it is helpful to snap to a point far away from an original object, while maintaining a relationship to a point on that object. For example, you may want to snap to a point exactly perpendicular to a line's endpoint. Extension Snaps are helpful in these situations.

Extension Snaps are indicated by extension anchors, indicated by small blue circles.

Anchors display for Endpoint, Midpoint, and Quadrant snaps when these snap behaviors are enabled.

When an anchor is established, you can create Tangent , Perpendicular and Orthogonal extension lines relative to it. See "Snap Properties Panel".

To use extension snaps
  1. Toggle on Object Snaps and make sure the extension snaps are enabled.
  2. Draw a Rectangular Polyline .
  3. Select the Draw Line tool and move your pointer along the edges of the polyline.
  4. When your pointer passes over an endpoint or midpoint, an extension anchor is created.
  5. Move your pointer perpendicular edge displaying the anchor to create a blue, dashed extension line.

Only a limited number of anchors can exist at one time; creating a new anchor removes the oldest existing anchor. You can specify the number of possible anchors in the Preferences dialog. See "Snap Properties Panel".

Object Snaps Hotkeys

The "S"Key - Case Study

In the following example, there are several lines. Suppose we want to start a line at the intersection of two orthogonal extension lines drawn from two lines, A and B. To establish an extension anchor, we need to drag the mouse over a line A's endpoint, but there are several lines between the endpoints of lines A and B. We need to establish the two extension anchors without snapping to the intervening objects.

To establish two extension anchors
  1. Drag the mouse over the endpoint for line A to establish the first endpoint anchor.
  2. Temporarily disable object snapping by holding down the "S" key.
  3. Move the mouse to the end of line B.
  4. Release the "S" key to establish the second endpoint anchor.
  5. Move the mouse to the intersection of the two extension lines and draw the new object.

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