The Pen Settings tab

AutoVue uses the default pen color indices of the native document for the vector file being viewed. You will not be able to change the color assigned to a pen with AutoVue.

To assign each pen index a thickness

Note: (either in inches or millimeters)

1. In the Print Properties dialog box, click the Pen Settings tab.
2. Under From/To, select a pen Color Index from the list.


3. Click in the Thickness text box under Change and enter a new pen thickness.
4. Press enter.
5. Click OK to print.

Note: Pen settings are stored in *.c2t files. The drop-down list under Current Pen Settings displays all existing *.c2t files for the current file. The default pen settings are stored in default.c2t and alternate pen settings are stored in alt.c2t

To create a new pen settings style
1. Adjust the Pen Settings.
2. Under Current Pen Settings, click Save As.
The Save As dialog box appears.
3. Enter a filename for the pen setting and click OK.
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